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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just a few more days...

Until this holiday season is over...Bah Humbug...

Not really...
It has been a crazy week again and for some reason the world seems to be tilted on it's axis.
I don't know if I am still taking in the events of last Friday...or maybe it's been the endless news coverage.  I honestly don't know how people in that town don't just scream at the media.  It is not necessary to know every detail of the grieving process.  Only my opinion.  I am surprised on Monday when I went into work because there were a lot of people talking about it.  I remember saying that it was different than the other mass shootings out there.  When Columbine happened, I remember.  We were in college and it happened on a friend's 21st birthday.  The world shifted that day because it was the first time school didn't feel safe.  I think that Friday's murders tilted the axis of the world a bit more because of how young the children are.  Not that I am saying that any of the mass murders are okay or even explainable but this one is a whole new level of horror.

We had our new furnace installed this week.  This is very exciting.  i am sitting in the living room tonight and it is a toasty 65 degrees in here...which is really nice.  It was a process getting the thing installed.  I learned a lot about myself in the process.  Some of you may have seen my status update on facebook the other day: Some people have endless patience.  Some people let everything role off their backs.  I with my darling husband would realize that I am not some people.
It is a very true statement and there were more than a few times that I wished I had insisted that he stay home earlier and just gone to work.
I learned that I should not be the one to deal with contractors.  the men who installed the furnace were very nice.  I, however, do not generally talk in abstract and like the detail parts of things.  The guy who was in charge was not so keen on the details.  I think at one point I could have been speaking French and he would have understood me better.
I learned that you can hear everything when they take the duct work off.  Contractors have potty mouths.  Now, I am not saying that everything that comes out of my mouth is sparkling and clean but this was a lot even for me.
I also learned that if you hit something with a hammer it will eventually fit.  I heard that statement several times while I was working but never did go downstairs to investigate.

It's the end of the year....which means work is a little bit insane.  People wanting to get started January 1st means a lot of cards need to go out between now and next week.  I am not complaining at all, but it is a lot of work and the pace is picking up.  not to mention the skeleton crew that's on next week...it should be interesting.

I feel like I am forgetting something....
Oh, right.
There were presents to wrap, packages to mail, gifts to purchase, packing to do and cookies to make.
Packages got mailed thanks to my fabulous hubby.
I just finished wrapping for our Christmas here.
I still need stocking stuff for my brother and his boyfriend, a couple of little things for my dad, something (no idea what) for my mom, and a gift card for my sister.
All of the kids presents were shipped to my mom's so those will all need to be wrapped when we get there.
I scrapped the Christmas cookies simply because I couldn't find a day to make them.  Maybe we will make up a couple of batches at my mom's.
There's packing to finish, a day of work and a plane to catch.
And a whole lot of Christmas spirit that is in here somewhere that I think will show up when I finally sit down long enough to let it catch up with me.
The holidays are always a whirlwind and it's tough not to get caught up in all of it...but tonight I send love and Christmas wishes on the back of the stars to all of you...


  1. wow i'm exhausted from reading this you have been busy and i agree with you it's time for the media to let this town be and heal we don't need to hear about it every second of the day.

  2. I agree, you've certainly been very busy!! Glad that you are lovely and warm and snuggly with your new furnace. Must be lovely for you. I do agree with you about the media. I wish they would leave that poor place alone, so that they can grieve in their own way. NOT be dragged in front of television cameras. It's just macabre and not nice. Have a very happy Christmas Col.