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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 28

Today is another very special person's birthday.
Today my nephew turns six.
My sister's oldest boy was born six years ago.
He is an inquisitive child
He likes to get his own way
He is sweet and cuddly
He has been through a lot in his short life.
He was born with a peanut and egg allergy.
He had to watch everything he ate.
He was a little boy who never ate a peanut butter and fluff sandwich,
Who learned to ask before he put anything in his mouth.
And yet, he smiled.
He is the kid that when we learned he outgrew the allergies had his first peanut butter cup and said, I don't really like this.
He loved his first donut from dunkin donuts.
Sent me a picture saying that Boston Cremes were his favorite too.
I remember the first time I held him.
We weren't there when he was born and I kept saying I wasn't going to go down because we would be there for Christmas.  I did...and he snuggled into my arms and held my finger in his little hand and I felt  my heart get captured by another child.
He is stuck in the middle, as he likes to say, between an older sister and a younger brother.
He and hubby have a special bond, hubby is HIS uncle meatball...and no one elses..
I hope you have an awesome birthday today buddy.
We have watched you grow, albeit from afar, but can't wait to see where the rest of your journey takes you!!

Hugs and love tonight!


  1. I hope he had a wonderful birthday. He sounds like a real sweetie. :) [Who wouldn't be coming from your family ::wink::]

    I have two nieces on Pooldad's side and although I wasn't there when they were born the youngest captured my heart too the day I met her when she was six. Her parents we quite standoffish and withholding of their "Uncle E's" new girlfriend, but she fell into my lap and hasn't left since. I couldn't love her and her sister more than if they were my own.

    Hope you are doing good. Miss you girlie!