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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 25

Today, I am grateful for my own bed.
We had a lovely visit with the inlaws.
The kids are fabulous, although I swear they grow in feet instead of inches right now.
Their adorable faces,
Auntie can we
Auntie will you
Auntie I love you
Auntie come see
The commotion of a holiday
the people
the teamwork needed to put out a spread.
The moments of insane laughter while the adults are playing a game.
The realization that we need to be quiet so that we don't wake the kids.
The late nights and early mornings.
The morning coffee conversations and the evening conversations just before bed.
It is all great.
But that moment of quiet,
when you first walk into your house after being away.
That very first moment that you smell all the familiar smells of your house.
The shower in your own shower with that special rainfall shower head that was a must have and you crave when you go else where.
The clean sheets you tuck into that you had the fore thought to change before you left.
Snuggling up to my hubby who slept in a separate twin bed for five nights.
Feeling the kitties snuggle in next to you and start purring.
The feeling of being home.
I am grateful for all of the insanity that accompanies a trip, but I am grateful for home tonight.

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  1. Love coming home to nice clean sheets.
    Nohing quite like your own bed