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Friday, June 4, 2010

Today's smile

I am bad at this...very very bad...I need to get into a routine of blogging on a regular basis. I read all my favorite blogs on a daily basis and really want to write everyday...
Today's smile was courtesy of the security guard at the drs. office. Craziness ensued at the office today with another patient and resulted in a very late appointment. Everyone was very apologetic (which was awesome..they handled everything very well). The security guard (who was leaving the office at the same time as I was) rode down in the elevator with me. Small talk about the craziness of people and the way certain people feel entitled to things ensued. We got off the elevator and he said to me "well dear, I hope that your day is calmer, your weekend is fantastic and that when you see someone acting crazy, you remember that things could be worse". I told him to have a good day and he smiled back at me and said that he would and that it had been a pleasant way to end a situation, having an elevator ride with someone who reminded him of his grandaughter. He made me think of my grandfather and as I walked out of the building, I smiled.

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