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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today I am looking forward to acupuncture. The thought of going to acupuncture makes my shoulders relax, my breathing slow and starts the relaxation process...but I never in a million years thought I would be doing it on a normal basis...
My dr recommended acupuncture and I made a face...friends of mine have done it for years and swear by it, but I have also said no way am I going to pay someone to poke me with needles.
My first appointment was like no other drs appointment I have ever experienced. The practioner (let's call him J)took almost two hours to talk to me about EVERYTHING...medical conditions, the primary reason I was there (infertility), mental health, aches, pains, etc. It was nothing like the sterile environment that I have gotten used to in a doctors office. We sat in very comfortable chairs in the room and talked like human beings. The first treatment, not going to lie, was weird. I expected it to hurt, it didn't. I expected it to feel weird, it didn't. It was an amazingly relaxing experience. Was it because I finally stopped for forty five minutes from the nonstop business that makes up my life or was it because of the needles that I was so relaxed but it was the best feeling in the whole world. So I have been back, every week...and for the first time in a very long time my body is actually doing what it is supposed to be...
So today's smile is courtesy of J, a relaxing room, some strategicaly placed acupuncture needles and down time.

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