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Monday, October 7, 2013

Little voice...

Can you please help me?
What can you do?
When are you available?
How can you help?
There are many demands...
every day...
Someone needs something..
Someone expects something...
There is another voice..
one that I hear when i lay down in bed at night..
hey what about me...
Ignore it...
wake up...
do it all again...
Again, at night...that little voice...
Can you please?
I need...
I wish you could..
please make my life easier..
can you come
will you be there..
and I lay down..
at night..
in the wee hours of the morning..
that little voice...
asks again..what about me?
I need something too...
til that voice late at night becomes overwhelming..
Is louder than all the rest..
Hey you...are you there..
it's my turn..
That little voice..
that reminds you that you need something too..
The question is...how do you make time for that voice too?
How do you make time for what you need when you are so busy making everyone else a priority.

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  1. That's the age old question I think. Yet somehow, we just "do"! Hugs Nic. XX