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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall is in the air

the crisp smell of the dew on the grass....
only a few degrees above frost..
warming up the car in the morning..
The cool rays of the sun as they hit your face..
the ever changing leaves...
golden yellow, burnt orange and red that change in the blink of an eye..
The smell of autumn in the air...
Going outside, the briskness takes your breath away
The clouds swirl around a sliver of a moon..
Snuggling with a cup of hot cocoa..
the smell of apples cooking..
pumpkins dotting the front stoops..
the excitement of dressing up like someone else..
under a blanket..
not quite cold enough to have the heat on..
but chilly enough that it's necessary to sit closely..
Curling up in bed..
the cold sheets a shock to the skin..
the slow warming under a down comforter...
knowing that there are warm arms to pull me closer to stop the shivering..
While I know that winter is right around the corner...
I do love this season..
the beauty
the crispness
the changing of the colors...
knowing that the landscape will be bathed in white soon enough..but enjoying the moment before it all changes...

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