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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Crazy few weeks..

I feel like once again, it's been forever since I posted...
mostly because it has been a while..
We are (once again) in the middle of a home renovation project.
I love the fact that my husband is handy enough to do this...
I love the fact that my father in law will willing give up his weekend to come down and help..
I do NOT love the mess that comes along with it..
We are having insulation done in a few weeks...which I love since we have no insulation in our walls currently..
However, as with most projects in this house, it is not that simple.
We had a drop ceiling in our den and upon closer inspection realized that the walls do not go all the way to the floor joists...
which means that they need to be taken down and rebuilt to the floor joists so that the insulation will be trapped between the inside wall and the outside wall..
Well, while we are opening up the walls, it's the perfect time to create the chaseways for the electrical wiring that needs to be completely rerun and replaced upstairs...
Which leads to going in to the attic to rewire because everything runs through one junction box...
So, while I love the fact that htey can do all of this, which saves me a significant amount of money, it also means that I am living in the middle of a construction zone...
I keep reminding myself that the house will be warm this winter with the additional insulation...
The den will be converted into the laundry room
And it will be three more projects to check off the never ending list of home improvement projects that are more complicated than we ever anticipate..
So, as the very fine plaster dust settles tonight after a long hard day of them working to get it done, I am grateful that they know how to do all of this...but with all of you as my witness if we ever decide to move and sell this house I swear we will build something from the ground up....that way we know that it will all be done right the first time!

I have a couple of other posts rolling around in my head, including the addition of some new art work from one of my favorite bloggers, but I need to go to bed because they will be up in a few hours to finish up what they have been working on bright and early...
Hugs and love to you all!!


  1. You are a braver woman than me. I hate renovating. I even break into a sweat when something happens and there is a chance we might need to repair something.
    Good luck with all that dust.
    Hugs and smiles xx

  2. Keep smiling sweetie! It's only temporary. Good for hubby and FIL to be able and willing to tackle this stuff. Hugs and love!