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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

End of another month

and I can hardly believe that it is August already...
I am not really sure where this year has gone.
I am excited for August.
I get to see my grandparents this weekend..
And my mom and dad...
A wedding reception that promises to be a little fun..
as long as we can get past the craziness.
Then a weekend off..
friends here the following weekend..
And then a long weekend trip away for our anniversary...
In a blink this month will be over too..
Another month of goals..
both personal and professional to be accomplished
Another month of smiles
Another month of Laughter...
A month of fairs and hot air balloon festivals.
August is always my favorite month..
the summer is coming to an end
hopefully cooler nights while the warmth stays during the day.
Lots to accomplish..
Lots to look forward to..
Can't wait to share the smiles!!
Hope you are all doing well and know that there are positive thoughts and well wishes on the back of the warm summer breezes tickling your toes from my corner of the world to yours!
hugs and love!


  1. I hear ya on the time flying by thing. This year has gone so quickly!

    Enjoy your visit with your family. I love August, too (hehe - selfishly - my anniversary and my birthday fall in August).

  2. I love your last sentence before hugs and love. Beautifully put Col. Keep the smiles coming. You're the best. Hugs and love back atcha'

  3. I am going to be selfish and say I can't wait for August to be over.
    September is my fave month with a holiday planned and Spring really kicking in.
    But August will be fun too with lots of things already planned.
    Yours sounds a lot of fun. I do love a wedding
    Hugs for you too

  4. Hi Col. Good to see you again! I wish we did have warm summer breezes over here in England. LOL! But I do appreciate the sentiment. The month is obviously going to be fun-filled for you and I hope you enjoy every moment, especially time with your family. The year is going by far too quickly, isn't it?! Hugs to you my friend.