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Friday, July 20, 2012


Can you imagine the excitement?
Going out to a movie at midnight with your friends
Seeing a movie that you have been waiting for since you knew it was coming out
Talking about getting dressed up in costume
Surrounded by like minded people who you share a camaraderie with because of your shared interest in Gotham City?
Buying popcorn and candy ( or finding the best hiding spot on your costume)
Showing up hours before the movie is supposed to start to make sure you get the perfect seat.
Giddy and excited you make it through the previews and you know this is going to be the best one yet.
everything changes
Instead of the carefree night you were planning
All of a sudden real bullets rain down and you are running for your life.
Watching those around you lose theirs
Wondering if you are next.
I cannot begin to imagine what those people in Colorado are feeling or thinking today.
As a nation we are shocked.
As a nation we should be sick to our stomachs
This wasn't some random act of terrorism by someone who invaded our country from some other land
Who kill in the name of their higher power.
This was a young adult who did something incomprehensible.
Hearing the horror of the evening unfold,
watching the videos and news stories
Reading as new development arise
Twitter and facebook both full of conversation about this.
Don't we all have enough monsters in our own closets that we worry about sneaking up behind us?
Isn't there enough to worry about when you go out?
Do we now have to look around at every movie theater?
Watch every exit?
The boogy man is out there...apparently we really never know when it's going to strike.
My heartfelt sorrow and hopes for peace extend beyond just my blogging family tonight to all of those effected by the horrible tragedy that unfolded last night.  May the night bring some small amount of solace and peace.

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  1. I'm right there with you. I think this movie will forever be "something to not see" in the minds of so many. Batman movies have not interested me in the past and I'm sure I won't be seeing this one.

    Such senseless tragedy.