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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Feeling better and a mini vacation

I am finally feeling better...which is nice, because getting sick is no fun at all.
It's funny because I used to vomit often, when I was doing my chemo...at least then I felt like there was a reason...
last week it was just that I was sick.
It's a strange thing to wrap my head around.
I am on a bit of a mini vacation for the next few days.
I took off the rest of the week originally because I thought my parents were going to come and visit.
Unfortunately, they couldn't and I have been out of sorts a bit about it.
I don't ask them to come up at specific times very often and I held out hope that it would happen...
not this time.
I will see them in a month at a cousin's wedding so that's good.
Other than that, there isn't a lot going on here.
Same old same old..
It's okay though, there's a rhythm to it.
Hubby is off tomorrow and I think he is going to try to get the hall light hooked up so that we don't have to go up the stairs in the dark anymore.
We will walk to the end of the street and watch the fireworks show tomorrow night.
And then I will enjoy my two days off.
I might go wondering
take some pictures
I might pamper myself a bit and go get a desperately needed pedicure
Or I might stay home, in the air conditioning and just chill for the week.
not sure yet, but I am excited to have some time to recuperate and just be.
I hope that this posts finds you all with power, having some relief from the incessant heat that is plaguing the country and surrounded by loved ones.
hugs and love on the back of the moon rays tonight to you all!


  1. Hi Col. It's always good when a post from you comes up on my blog roll, and I am so happy that you have finally turned the corner and feeling better. I'm sorry though that your mum and dad couldn't make it. I can imagine that you were pretty disappointed by that. Anyway, as you say, take the time to pamper yourself, take some time out of the work routine and keep well. Big hugs coming your way my friend x

  2. So glad you are feeling better and have a chance to recharge. Sounds like a plan. :)

    Happy Fourth!

  3. glad you are feeling better Happy fourth of July have a wonderful day XOXO

  4. I'm smiling to hear you're feeling better and have some time off for yourself. That is just great! I'm sure your parents feel just as bad about not being able to see you!! Stay well! Hugs!