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Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have a confession to make. I have a really serious problem. I am a SERIOUS procrastinator. I am in the process of getting my Masters degree. I am taking online classes. It is a ton of work. It is much harder to do than I thought it was going to be. My problem with procrastination is a serious problem Usually the night an assignment is due I am working on the homework assignment in the last four hours of the night. I had a final project due tomorrow night. My dad knows my tendency to procrastinate. My husband knows my tendency to procrastinate. My facebook friends all know that I procrastinate. My dad and I talked yesterday afternoon and he asked me how my final paper was going. I had done a bunch of research but honestly I hadn't really read the research. My dad said that he would make a bet with me. He bet me a day's worth of drinks in Cancun in March that I wouldn't get the paper done by five pm today. Now we go to Cancun every year as a family and we can drink a lot while we are there. This was a good bet. So I decided that come hell or highwater I was going to get this paper done. My tendency to procrastinate was now at odds with my bet with my dad. I started last night, reading two hundred pages of research while my husband had on a series of really bad action movies that I normally wouldn't have been interested in watching. Of course these movies were really good last night. I got completely sucked into a movie that had no plot and I think the only reason that people watched the movie was to count the number of bullets that were shot throughout the movie. When I woke up this morning I putzed around on the internet and playing on facebook. I did get the paper done at four pm, but I was definitely struggling to get the paper done. So my dad will now buy drinks for one day while in Mexico. Those will definitely be the best margaritas that I will drink. A special thanks to my dad for giving me the inspiration to get the paper done and making sure that I can get some sleep tonight!

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