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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I heard you...and I thank you for being close today..
Everyone someone asked..how did yesterday go...
You whispered...take a deep breath...they ask because they care..
When their unending optimism came out with...this will be it...you will get good news..
You whispered...take a deep breath...they say it because they don't want to watch you go through this anymore..
When I avoided the subject and they brought it up again
You whispered...take a deep breath..they just want to make sure that you know you can talk to them...
When I went into the bathroom and surrendered to the tears..
You whispered...take a deep breath...take a moment...and then get back out there and make them see you are okay.
When I saw people who were in from out of town and noticed his look of confusion and then when understanding dawned and he didn't know what to say
You whispered...take a deep breath and say what he needs to here you say.
When more bad news from Pittsburgh presented itself and I sat on the couch, with tears rolling down my face..
You whispered...take a deep breath...
You whispered..it's ok to feel like this..
You whispered...find the strength I am giving you and let her know that it will be okay..
Tonight, as I get ready to close my eyes for a few precious hours of sleep...I whisper, please...I need you.  I whisper...I want to push back the thin veil that separates us and feel your reassuring hug and never let go.  To feel your strength and support.
You whisper to me...I am here and I will always be.  Take a deep breath child and let me help you.  Take my strength that I give to you and walk your path. 
You whisper to me...I don't know where the path goes but i know you aren't walking it alone.  We are all here, walking beside you, picking you up, supporting you.  When your strength fails you, I will give you more...and I will always be here..
I say out loud to you...thank you to my angels for giving me strength to fight this fight...even when I am not sure I can..
You whisper...just breath darling....I love you.

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  1. I'm smiling as I read this Nic. You know how I feel about our loved ones around us. They are there and you are listening. Love you!