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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some times things don't turn out like you want them to..

long awaited news today...
not really what I wanted to hear...
interesting opportunities..
where to go from here?
When you want something so badly..
a path that you have worked towards...
all the support is there...
but for some reason the next step doesn't take you down that path...
What do you do then??
You don't know what's going to be around the next corner...
sometimes it feels like an insurmountable mountain..
no matter how high you climb, 
how many twists, 
how many turns, 
How dark it gets, 
you can't seem to find the end..
The path changes, 
there's an off shoot..
not one that you expected..
not one you anticipated..
one that in some ways is good..
in other ways, 
you know when you take that first step,
there's an even higher mountain to climb,
more twists and turns..
and it feels like all of a sudden those supporters aren't there any more..
people stand in your way
block the path,
want you to give up..
to those people,
bring it on..
i will climb the mountain
around the sharp turns,
over the ledges you put in my way,
because I know that on the other side is the rest of the journey...
I will prove you wrong,
i will make it..
and when I look back...
I promise, you won't look nearly as big,
the obstacles, once conquered, will be merely memories...
because this is my path,
whether you think it should be or not, 
and you are not going to stand in my way.


  1. I've been there my friend!!! Use your confidence and stubbornness to do an awesome job and just smile when you know that you proved them wrong!! I'm always available to chat if you need to. Love and hugs Nic! Xx

  2. Brilliantly written, Col. Lovely words. I particularly liked, "... I promise you, you won't look nearly as big..." Sending hugs your way.