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Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have probably posted in the past about Zentangle.
It is something that my mother has been doing for a while and was actually just certified to teach.
As I am always looking for a new way to be creative, I have picked it up...
It is something I can do at night while sitting with hubby watching TV (instead of those ridiculously addictive facebook games)
It is something that you will find in the margins of my notebooks at work....particularly during long meetings..
It is an art that allows you to be concentrating on doing it....and let's you get into an almost meditative state while practicing...
For me, it's just something fun and creative....it will be one of those tings that I will have multiple sketch pads full of with no real idea of what I will do with it...
it opens those pathways in mind that allow me to feel creative..
Pintrest is full of amazing ideas and although you may base your idea off of something that you find, yours is going to come out looking unique and different...
Here are some pictures of what I have worked on this week...
Things are a bit insane (which is nothing new really) here and this is something that allows me to relax and zone out for a while..
Hope you are well...sending love and positive thoughts on the back of the wind to all of you tonight! Hugs


  1. Hi Col. I have never heard of Zentangle, so I am going to google it and also look at Pinterest. My goodness, your work is very impressive ! Quite beautiful. They would look lovely framed.

  2. I love that bottom one especially!! I actually bought pens, pad and book but it's just sitting here. Now perhaps I can get my creative juices flowing once things get less hectic and settle down. Love and hugs my friend!! XX

  3. Lovely! They remind me a lot of the intricate doodles I used to do as a teenager. (You know... back in the Dark Ages.)

  4. Never heard of it but your work is amzing and beautiful...Keep it up :-)

  5. An interesting post.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.