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Thursday, September 12, 2013

the sky is angry tonight...

We have had some amazing thunderstorms over the last few days like many places on the east coast..
i was just sitting out on the porch watching the lighting light up the sky followed by long rumbles of thunder...
to me, that is one of the most relaxing things to watch..
Certainly no fun to drive in like I did earlier today...
but from the safety of my darkened porch I sit in awe...
In amazement of mother nature
The sound of the rain bouncing off our new roof
the storms have helped to center me..
find my balance...
and realize that there is more than just what is going on in my little world right now...
There are positive thoughts going out to so many people in our little blogger universe right now..
seems like there is a lot going on and lots of people who need some extra thoughts and prayers..
So as the thunder rumbles and the lighting flashes in the sky...I take a moment and send good thoughts and prayers to all of you that you can find peace and the strength to deal with what the universe is throwing your way...
hugs to you all


  1. We certainly have been getting hit down here with thunder and lightening storms. They make the whole apartment shake. I'm a big baby when it comes to lightening so I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to join you on the next one...;-) Hugs and love XX

  2. Pooldad sat inside our basement door, with it open, watching the storm hit here. He, too, had to drive home through it. It was nasty. Worst one we have had in a long time with the lightening and winds. I am still listening to the chainsaws go in our neighborhood.

    You're the best my friend. Beautifully poignant post. xo Hugs and much love, J