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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The sun is shining…
The brisk coolness of fall is in the air all day instead of just in the morning.
Bright and shiny outside
But on the inside, there is turmoil.
A hundred different directions
The churning of the machine
Just keep swimming
Just keep moving
If you keep moving
If you don’t stop
It doesn’t have time to catch up.
On the outside,  calm.
Inside, chaos.
No place to land
No switch to hit to make it all stop.

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  1. It IS hard to shut our brains down isn't it? I wish I had the answer but I can't seem to do it myself. It's usually exhaustion that sends me to la la land - but by then I am stupid silly with it all.

    I gave Squirrel advice once - as she is most certainly her Mother's daughter - and it seemed to help.

    Breathe Col. Just breathe. Close your eyes, sit still and just breathe in and out until you feel the calm come back.

    It sounds silly, but some days when they are coming at me with yet another needle or my head is buried in the toilet [hee!] I just sit back and breathe.

    It lets me know I am alive and it WILL be okay.

    Love you girlie. xo J