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Monday, June 10, 2013



Home is where the heart is…

Home is where you lay your head…

Home is where you live your life..

Home is where you learn.

I have been fortunate over the last few weeks to visit two of the three places I have called home in my life.

The first where I spent my formative years.

Visiting with friends…

Kicking around the roots that lie there and continue to grow.

There is something about the way the air smells…the way the food tastes…the way the wind blows.

Taking a moment to be a part of the everyday lives of those people who watched you grow up.

Those people who know the history of the awkward teenage years and the time before that.

Those people who were there for your first kiss, first love, first heartbreak, first sleepover, first fight, first show, first bad hair cut, first dream coming true. That shared history…and old photos…mean that you are forever connected.

Reconnecting, talking, laughing and some tears.

Leave knowing that those people, their laughter, their love and their history runs deep in your blood and that no matter how much time passes, it will always be home.

The second is that place that you went and exerted your first independence from your parents.

Away from home, a kinship automatically grew.

A place, where you spent endless hours in one building with people who had the same goals as you did.

Working together on a show, prepping for an audition, hanging lights, rehearsals, classes.

Once upon a time, that place was your life. What happened in those four walls was magical…and still serves as a common bond between you and those who came before and after you.

A place where there was homesickness, laughter, tears, sing alongs, late nights, drinking, breaking some rules, love, fights, yelling, swearing, and an end result that produced magic (most of the time).

A small, quaint New England town that as you drive in the yellow lines in the middle change to red white and blue, and the small shops and pubs have settled into a great combination of college town and New England charm.

Sitting by the water, enjoying one of those sandwiches that were dinner so many nights with hubby, down the road from where he proposed.

A deep breath, smelling this air, feeling this energy, knowing what’s in store for the rest of the day.

Knowing there are people and places you will go, memories to relive, laughter and some tears in the reminiscing.

Knowing that this place has a piece of your heart and soul and that the memories are on the gentle coastal breeze that blows.

Heading home last night, my third and final home, the place that my wonderful husband and I have chosen to build our lives, I realize that the last few weeks have filled up my heart and soul with positive energy again. I know I leave part of my soul in these two places and every once in a while, I need to go back and visit it to become whole again.


  1. Very beautifully written! I never really had that sense of "home" until I got married because my family moved around so much. So I'm just now getting to experience the joys of being home and its delightful.

  2. What a wonderful post - home is where the heart is, isn't it?!

    Thanks for cheering me on! :D

  3. I just wrote something very similar [very scary] and came and read this.

    You said it better. Always.

    Glad you have your home. Love youxo JG