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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A phone call...
a bunch of words
the world changes
do you know where...
do you know who...
Can you call..
Did you hear from..
Text messages sent
Phone calls don't go through..
Facebook messages sent
Some are responded to immediately,
Some not for hours.
One more person to check on,
Scour the images...
Do you see...
Do you know..
Turn it off..
Can't stomach it anymore..
Don't want to see..
just want to know..
stomach in knots..
All are safe...
All are accounted for..
some were there...
most were not...
some cuts and scrapes..
Insanity is the only word that describes it..
Stomach knots start to release...
but will they ever completely?
Will we ever feel safe?
Can we go out?
Avoid large crowds..
nothing for a little while..
Yes, we will be resilient..
yes, we will applaud those who run towards the blast instead of away
yes, we are Americans
Yes we will get through it...
For a minute, I just stop, put down some words, and cry.


  1. Such a terrible tragedy. So glad all your family and friends are ok.