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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sending warm hugs!!

The weather is starting to warm up here...two days it has been above freezing at 6am when I head to work...
But tomorrow....I will be sending warm hugs from one of my favorite places..
I hope you all have a great week!!

Hugs and lots of love!


  1. If I didn't love you guys SO much and know just how desperately you need your vacation I would be quickly pointing out just how cruel I think that picture is to those of us where it is still hinting at snowing one.more.time. [I swear I see snowflakes every time I open the front door!]

    All kidding aside I am so happy, happy, happy for you both and I can NOT wait to see the lovely pictures you so generously share with us [that is a big 'ol hint to share MORE this year. Mom says. heehee] I want to hear ALL about it, okay?

    Have a safe trip and we'll be thinking of you [and wishing we were there too!] ENJOY! Love, Skip

  2. Hi Col.that beach looks amazing! Have a wonderful time..

  3. Hope you are having a great April! Hugs!