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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coming out of Hibernation

Well, at the beginning of last month the groundhog said we would have an early spring.
Since then, we have gotten 61 inches of snow, including a snow storm that dumped 32 inches of snow on us.
We have a tendency around to here to hibernate for the winter....
I love the weekends that we can just curl up and do nothing at all.
We haven't had many of those in the last few weeks as we have been traveling a bit and stuff has kept us busy...but we were determined to do just that this weekend.
With all hope, the worst of the winter is behind us and we will be gearing up for the spring....
Spring cleaning desperately needs to start, but the windows can't be opened yet (not just because of the cold, but some of them the snow banks go half way up)...and that seems to be a good excuse.
But, traveling will commence shortly and I actually have the spring/summer planned out really well in terms of vacation time...Mexico, Pittsburgh, visitors coming here and maybe swinging out to Vegas at the end of the summer...all sound really nice...
Things have been insane at work and it makes me not motivated when I get home.
I need to figure out a better balance (don't we all)...but I am struggling a bit with that....
I feel like the harder I work, the less I want to do anything when I am home...so any suggestions would be welcome...

What else has been going on here.....
Not much honestly...
I got a new tattoo which makes me really happy...pictures will come when it heals fully.  I will tell you it was on my foot and probably the most intense pain I have felt in my life!  It was definitely worth it...
Hubby has joined a group here (I won't say which one, but it has been the subject of several movies with Nicholas Cage).  He is pretty excited.  It is weird though cause he can't share any of the details of the meetings he goes to....which I understand is part of it but we dont usually keep things from each other like that....just different.  I know he is happy and feels like he is honoring his grandfather by doing it, so I support him wholeheartedly.
That's about it here....it is late and I am super tired and don't want to sleep the whole day away tomorrow so I will sign off...
Sending hugs, love and peace on the gentle (and hopefully last snow) that is falling here tonight!


  1. I think I would hibernate too if I had as much snow as you guys have had! I wouldn't worry about being not motivated as when the spring comes along with the lighter nights, you will feel more inclined to do things which you enjoy :)

  2. I am with you on this winter - I just want to see green grass and flowers! We might now get up to 10 inches of snow tomorrow - so crazy!

  3. Where have I been and how did I miss this most excellent post? Although I am sorry about work. That can be tough to be so drained from your job that you just want to veg it all when you get home.
    The best thing I can suggest is pick up/spot cleaning on Saturday, nothing dramatic, just the basics and then on Sunday spend a few hours cooking your meals for the week. Package them up, freeze some, refrigerate the others and you are ready to go for the week. The most important thing, I think, is a meal plan for at least the week. There is nothing worse than coming home and having to decide what the heck's for dinner. I usually find which protein is on sale that week and plan my meals around it. Plus, there should be plenty of leftovers to portion it out for later in the month since you cook for two. I find now that is mostly just us three Pooldad is winning the leftover lunch award by doubling his take. ::laughing::

    Pooldad and I go to 9 am Mass and then go grocery shopping straight from Church. I usually write up the list the night before - and the grocery store is empty that early on a Sunday. If you aren't up that early - Saturday nights [after date night] is a great time to go too since everyone is either home or at the bars. ::grin:: Added bonus of shopping after date night [since we usually go out to dinner] is we aren't hungry when we go grocery shopping and tend to not buy all those impulse things that look so good but are bad for us. hee

    Don't know if any of that helps - but the most important thing is not to stress about it. No one is going to be lying on their death bed wishing their house was less dusty, trust me. I also know I am not worrying about how often my laundry piles up, whether or not there was toothpaste in my sink 3 out of 7 days on average or if my socks never matched. mmmmkay?

    I know it's tough sweetie. I do. Just try to relax and enjoy. And if nothing else - have a Stouffer's in the freezer and don't forget the dry cleaning. ::wink:: Hugs to you!