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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amazing Day

So, we made it through the storm last week.
We never lost power and it was actually kind of nice being stuck in the house for a day and a half.
I have pictures that I will post of the aftermath however...
I just wanted to share something with you all..
I had the most amazing day today!
Other than the fact that it was Friday (the day I start looking forward to on Sundays)
Other than the fact that it was a Friday before a long weekend.
It was just a really spectacular day.
We had a company meeting this morning and I won an award...
Not only did I win an award but I was completely shocked that I won the award.
I honestly had no idea....that doesn't happen very often...
I went back to the office for a few hours after the meeting...
and there were no fires to put out...
no people upset with me
or asking me to solve insurmountable issues.
Pretty amazing in and of itself.
I left work early in the almost fifty degree sunshine (heat wave that won't last long)
I had the music cranked in the car
The sun roof open..
Amazing for a day in the middle of February.
Went to the grocery store...
got some good deals...
Came home
Got cleaning done
Made a nice dinner complete with a homemade chocolate cake.
Snuggled with the hubby for a while before he went to bed.
It was a day of smiles...
A day of low stress
A day where everything just seemed to go exactly the way I wanted it to go.
Not bad for a Friday huh?
Hope you are all doing well....
Hugs and love to each of you!


  1. I am smiling reading this. Congratulations on your award. You certainly deserve it.

  2. Congratulations on the award! So glad to hear your Friday went so well.

  3. You are just such a lovely lady. Sounds to me like you had a fantastic day! Hugs!