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Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow and wind...

It started snowing here this morning.
Taken at 7:30 am...not too bad
Not too bad this morning...my computer came home with me last night and the car was safely ensconced in the garage when I got home last night.
It snowed for most of the day.  Not too bad though, only about 4 inches during the day.
About three hours ago, the wind started and it is COLD outside.
The news just said it is -15 with the wind chill and the worst is yet to come. Sustained winds at 40 miles an hour with gusts up to 60 expected.
I put a turkey in the oven this afternoon so at least if the power goes out we will have something to eat.
So, we are hunkered down for the weekend.  We are just hanging out for the weekend and hoping that the weather they are talking about on Monday blows past us without dumping any more snow.
Some more pictures from tonight...before the worst happens:)
out back around 4pm

11pm out back 

Snow on the Grill at 11pm
I hope you are all doing well...and I am sending hugs and love to all of you....if you are in the Northeast, stay warm, stay off the roads if you can and my fingers are crossed that you will not lose power!
See ya on the other side of this storm :)


  1. I am currently listening to a NY Classic Rock Station [no, I don't know why, it just popped up. ::grin::] and the DJ is talking about the snow up there.

    All I can say is "DaYum" THAT is a lot of snow - and I am sure y'all are hit even harder being farther north.

    You're used to this tho', right? I don't know, that is A LOT of snow. But you sound well prepared, as always, and I will keep you both in my prayers that you don't lose power and you are toasty-oasty warm for the next few days.

    Please tell you gorgeous hubby to NOT overdo it shoveling. I understand this a very heavy snow and can get dangerous when shoveling it's weight, 'kay? [Yes, I know you guys already know this, but what good would the "Mom" in "SkippyMom" be if I didn't lovingly remind you guys to be careful, right? ::giggle::]

    And turkey? OH YUM. When I read that I started to go through my list of "What can I make from that?" Oh, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. But after hot turkey and gravy I would make the biggest, baddest lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and pepper with big slabs of turkey on fresh rye bread sandwich. Yeah? Sounds so good. Dangit. I already did my grocery shopping for the month. But I ::whining:: TURKEY!

    You have the best weekend possible. We'll keep you in our prayers darling. Know we love you and are thinking of you always. Hugs, Skippy

    [How's that for a LONG comment? Who do think is feeling better? WOOT! Thanks again for everything my friend. Love you!]

  2. Hi Col. Brrrr! I just don't like the winter, and I am eagerly looking forward to spring. That was very clever of you cooking the turkey like that, just in case the power went off! That's the best thing we can do really when it's cold and snowy outside - just keep indoors and try to keep warm. Take care.