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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lots of travel....and a treatment plan finally!

I feel like I have been doing nothing but traveling for the last few weeks...and in reality that's true. Our national sales meeting was two weeks ago and then I got stuck in Florida during the blizzard of 2015. I am one of those people that when a trip is supposed to be over, it is supposed to be done. I switch my brain off travel mode and am ready to be home. We met with the dr that will be treating hubby before I left and a treatment plan is in place. He starts radiation treatment on Wednesday, five days a week. In a way, Florida was good because it allowed me to get out of the very close perspective and allowed me to take a 1000 foot view of everything again. Meetings were good and my mom met me down there when the meetings were over. Her best friend from college has a house down there and she and her daughter met my mom and I am we had a girls weekend. We shopped and went to the beach. We went on a dolphin tour and hung out and just talked. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to meet someone you are all familiar with....Bouncin' Barb!! She drove down to meet us, showed us a little hole in the wall place that was outside and had fantastic food and dolphins jumping out of the water next to us. She is absolutely lovely in person... She made me smile.. She made me laugh... She made me realize that online friends are just as good "in real" life as they are online. Putting a voice to her words was amazing and I am beyond grateful that she took the time to come down. Now I am sitting in yet another hotel room, getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning before the snow. This time to Nashville for training. I am excited and looking forward to it..but at the same time am worried about hubby. I know he will be fine...but....I can't 100% guarantee it... All I keep saying, is I have to get through the next 6 weeks... 6 weeks of treatment and living on the edge... but in the grand scheme of things....it's only 6 weeks. 42 days 1008 hours 60,480 minutes... no problem right? Hugs and love to all!!

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  1. The pleasure was all mine Nic. To finally meet and hang out was awesome. So glad everything fell into place last minute. Glad you are home and I am sure hubby missed you. He's in my prayers as are you. Keep me posted. Love ya! Hugs xx