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Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to all..

As we embark on our crazy holiday week, I wanted to just take a moment..
To reflect..
To appreciate..
to say
Thank you..
for reading
for commenting
for inspiring
for sharing
for opening your hearts
for being a sound board
for hanging in despite the lack of posts
For I know every day that there are people, friends, out there who are rooting for me.
Who are thinking of me...
Please know that I think of you all often...
send out little thoughts to the universe
When I smile,
When I laugh,
When I see things that make me think of you,
when I gaze at the art work that graces my walls,
the magnets on the refrigerator,
the pictures on the shelf,
some are still blogging,
many are not...
but I think of you every time I smile,
Every time I hear a funny story,
I pull for you when things aren't going well in your worlds,
and I cheer when they are.
As the holidays approach again,
and the hustle and bustle continues,
as we face a new year, a new chapter, a new journey,
you have all had a profound impact on my life...
in so many ways.
As the lights twinkle,
the presents are opened,
The laughter, and probably some tears ring out,
as I raise my glass to toast family and friends,
please know that you are all part of what I am toasting this week and always.
On the back of the frigid wind that is blowing outside, the gentle snow flakes that are falling, I am sending love, peace and my gratitude to each of you and wishing you the very happiest of holiday seasons.
All my love, always,

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  1. And this? This is why we love you so Aunt Col. :)

    Merry, merry Christmas my friend.