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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane

Bags are packed (and repacked)
Purse is cleaned
I am ready to go...
for a weekend away...
to the place I grew up
With friends who have known me "forever" (or almost 23 years)...
Those friends who know what you want to say without saying..
those friends who you can say anything to...
Who's hugs make you melt and who's lives you don't get to be part of everyday..
It's going to be a busy weekend...
Seeing some friends who I haven't seen since high school
A teacher who inspired me more than she knew possible.
Friend's parents who love me like one of their own...
Who disciplined me when I was younger and acted out..
Who I talked to around a dining room table when I needed to...
those second parents that were always there...
to the place where my roots are...
hubby is staying home...gives him a chance to miss me :)

sending positive thoughts and hugs to all of you...see you when i get back


  1. Hi Col. I hope you have a really super weekend. It is so nice to get away like this sometimes. Enjoy my friend and, yes, hubby will appreciate you all the more when you come home! :)

  2. Wishing you the most wonderful weekend with your friends

    Hugs for you too