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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spending time

Today I got to do something that I haven't done in years
I spent the whole day with my mom and dad by myself.
Lest I don't mention it enough... I love my husband with all of my heart and don't know what I would do without him but we are mostly a package deal. Which is a good thing...mostly.
I haven't been down to visit my parents alone in what feels like forever and in the past even when I was, my sister was here so we would have to arrange time to see the kids and she would just show up in the mornings occasionally so it wasn't just us. Today was just us.
My mom and I played. We dyed paper and fabric with ink and shaving cream, went to the craft store and just hung out... Chatted without being interrupted a million times. It was awesome!
We all went out to dinner tonight and had great conversation. We watched a movie when we got back and really I just got to enjoy their company without having to share them with anyone... It was kinda nice.
I am hoping to see my brother tomorrow to hang out with him...but am not sure if that will happen or not...but I will see him and his boyfriend in a couple of weeks because they are joining us for our trip.
Today just has reconfirmed that I made the right choice coming down here and has filled up my heart and produced many many smiles.
Hugs and love to all of you!!


  1. I am glad you have scored some alone time with the Rentals.

  2. This post made me happy today, Col. How lovely that you got to spend that quality time with your mum and dad. That is very special I think. As you say, with other people around (however much we love them) it just isn't the same. When my daughter number 1 was staying here from Paris a while back, we had a lovely day out - just the two of us, and we haven't had that for years, and I so enjoyed it, and I know that she did too. Sending hugs your way my friend. Good to see you here today.