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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nice relaxing weekend??

Not exactly...but at least we were productive...
Hubby is going away for the week so the plan for the weekend was to just lie low and enjoy spending time together.
We were off to a great start on Friday...went out to dinner and came home and watched a couple of movies..
He was out of the house early on Saturday to run some silly errands and a drs appointment...
Came home and went to the grocery store and to Walmart.
Picked up a bunch of stuff since we have been gone for the last two weekends for an extended amount of time ( I still owe you posts on our anniversary weekend...and our Lazy Labor Day Lobster Lounge)..
Opened the fridge to that nasty, the fridge isn't cold enough smell..
You know the one right??
Well, the freezer door had been left open (both of us swear it wasn't us...so we assume it must have been the cats :) )
After cleaning up the mess that was on the bottom of the fridge, we shut the doors and hoped..
Well, it wasn't meant to be....the fridge wasn't getting cold.
So off this morning to another one of those great home improvement stores to see what we could find.
After deciding on a fridge that was the opposite of what we thought we wanted, we decided to take the floor model.
Problem #1: Hubby's truck is in the shop..
So my wonderful husband, who is an engineer by training, said no problem...it will fit in the Jeep...just need to take the doors off.
Problem #2: Where to put the doors once they were off.
Tie them to the top of the roof...
After a precarious ride home, it was time to remove doors, shave some of the trim, move the existing fridge and get it inside.
To say it was a tense few hours at my house would be an understatement...but the fridge is in and turned on...
It is cooling off and we were able to save a bunch of stuff by using the old dorm fridge in the garage.
He's off to the land of potatoes for the week and I am snuggling with the kitties.
So not a relaxing weekend...but we will not have to worry about the fridge deciding not to work anymore and we got a good deal on it..
I hope that you are all doing well!! I miss you all and send happy thoughts and positive vibes out on the back of the cool fall breeze that's blowing today!
Doesn't he look proud of himself...

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  1. At first, I read this as your husband was taking the doors off the Jeep. I was like, that's a really big deal. Then I saw the picture. LOL