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Saturday, June 2, 2012

trip away

Ever gone on one of those trips where you knew you needed something...
Your soul renewed
Peace regained
A connection with you past?
Last weekend was that trip for me.
I spent time in  a place that was so much a part of me that I didn't even realize I missed it
Spent time with people, some who I talk to all the time and others who I haven't spoken to in years.
I went to places that just felt....right.
I laughed until I cried
I cried until I laughed
I sat in silence, just able to soak in the energy that flowed around me
Reminisced about old times
Caught up on people's lives
Realized that roots run deeper than I could imagine.
Drove post my old house
Through my old neighborhood
Went to the places we frequented as children.
I realized that that place is my foundation, my rock and while things never change- they  have altered my very core.
The air smelled different,
the food was of my past
every corner had a memory.
Kids have grown,
neighbors moved away
But if you listened closely, you could hear laughter on every breeze, memories in every blade of grass.
You could hear the past swirl around you,
You could breath in the love, support and innocence of a different time.
I haven't lived there in sixteen years,
and will never live their again
But it is nice to know that the roots of what makes me who I am are still strong.
I was able to feed them, nurture them and walk away knowing the foundation is solid.

Love and hugs to you all!!


  1. Good feelings. I'm happy for you. Hugs and love sweetie!

  2. I made a journey similar to that earlier in the year & photographed all the places I have lived as a teen to today and it brought back a lot of memories that I cherish. Have a great rest of your weekend

  3. Sometimes you need a time off, I am contemplating that too!

  4. what a great journey! i know the feeling of visiting the past. for me though, the past no longer exists and i can only visit in my mind. sometimes that is enough. sometimes i need more.

  5. This just sounds perfect. So glad you found what you needed