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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Four letter word

I am fine
Hubby is fine
Kitties are fine
Everything is fine
But everything isn't fine.
What does fine mean anyway?
Fine means..
I don't want to talk about it
I want you to ask more about it
Are you really listening?
Pissed off
Pulling my hair out
Any or all of the above...
A four letter word that can mean so much...
and yet not mean anything at all.
The question is, when someone says their fine- do you stop to find out what it really means?

hugs love and positive thoughts to the blog universe today...and always.  I have been thinking of you often and staring at the blank screen trying to find something to write.


  1. Wow. I didn't realize fine had so many hidden meanings. Sigh. I hope you are feel better than fine soon. Find your smiles. And hugs to you.

  2. Been there, done that about blank screens. You post today gives us lots to think about and you are right about that word meaning so many things.

  3. It can be automatic, the reply to the question "how are you?"
    "I'm fine" because often we just know that the person asking doesn't really want to know....
    But sometimes, some one does ask. And you know that they know.
    And then it is easier to be honest just how not fine you are.

    Sending you hugs and smiles.

  4. Hi there Col! Sorry I haven't been over for a while. What a good post this is, and so VERY true! How often do we answer a question with "I'm fine", when we are patently NOT fine!! I am so lucky with my two daughters, as if they phone and ask how I am and I say, "I'm fine", they say, "No, you're not, mum. What's wrong?" They are obviously finely tuned in to the tone of my voice!! I so agree that, how often when we say "I'm fine" , we are really tearing our hair out inside!! Sending big hugs and positive thoughts your way my friend. I've missed you too! x