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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend smiles....and 400th post

This is my 400th post....I can't believe that I have had things to say 400 times...pretty crazy!!  I have met some pretty amazing people in these 400 posts and found and outlet to record the positive and sometimes not so positive stuff in my life...
It's only apt to have this post be about some projects that we have conquered in my house...and by we I mostly mean my hubby and his father...
I live in an old house....like almost 100 years old...plaster, lathe and outdated electricity have made for some interesting projects
The light in my hallway went out a few weeks ago and we had no idea why...but after trying the usual things, hubby put duct tape over the switch and said don't touch until dad comes.
This weekend they came...
and they cut into walls..
and realized that most of the electricity was not done well....and was running out of one junction box...so like so many other projects...this one quick thing turned into a nightmare.
Holes were cut, wire was pulled. floors were pulled up..and pulled up again.
lots of swearing, a bit of exhaustion and a whole lot of frustration were swirling like the plaster dust in my house this weekend.
Two trips to Lowes and two trip to Home Depot, three starbucks runs, Subway sandwiches and a six pack of beer later...
The electrical wiring is re run to the lights in my ceilings downstairs.
One thing that I have been asking for since we moved into the house is light switches.
I have none downstairs...
The kitchen light is on a pull string.
The dining room light is on a pull string.
The living room light, we replaced with a remote controlled ceiling fan.
So the bonus for the weekend was the I have LIGHT SWITCHES!!! 
Four of them.
This is the beginning of the first two...pretty excited.
And it means that I got to hang a light that I bought two years ago....
It was an inspiration light..
meaning that I was hoping that if I bought it they would get to the switches faster...
It didn't quite work that way...I don't think that hubby really likes the light..
But me...
I have walked all around the outside of the house to see it through every window!!
Here it is...not sure if it's going to work yet...but after a couple of stops and starts and rewiring it twice...
It works!! And I LOVE it...
Hubby still not so much...but I am like a kid who discovers what the switches do...I have been flicking them on and off for the last hour!!
I don't have a hall light yet- but the wiring is there so hopefully this will be done this week..
Hubby is hammering the bedroom floor back down as we speak..
There are twenty tons of plaster dust stuck everywhere...
tempers flew at times...
There are tools all over the house
And a few holes in the ceiling still....

I have a light switch!!


  1. Congratulations and I love the fixture. I lived in a two story house that was built around 1905 for 20 years so I know full well what you were going through. Have a great week.

  2. I love your new light fitting and I am really glad you have a handy hubby to give you some proper switches.
    Held my breath when you said you had a weird power thing happening. When we had similar we discovered termites. Not a good thing at all.