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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A weekend away

to go visit little ones almost has me motivated again..
we headed north to visit and celebrate a trio of birthdays and a graduation from college.
The ride is always the best part..
Just me and my hubby...
the dreariness lifted yesterday morning as we headed north...
everything is so green after the none stop rain we have had for the last week.
We had a chance to actually talk about some changes that may or may not be on the horizon..
A change in path, together...and it's a tough decision.
It involves moving away from everything he finds safe if the opportunity arises...which is yet to be determined..
just a couple of parking lot conversations..
but he and I talked and hashed out issues with going and not going..
It would be an incredible adventure, but one  that requires by in on both our parts, not just one.
Sacrifices will be made either way...
We got up there and spent the day with nephews and cousins...a baby in the house for the first time in a long time and a couple of nephews who weren't quite sure what to make of it...
but it was fun to listen to the giggles..
Family betting on the derby happened as well as oggling at amazing hats...
I wish I had the recipe for mint juleps because those would have been consumed after the babes went to bed...
The kiddos had sombreros for Cinco de Mayo and the adults had margaritas after bed time.
Birthday cake was consumed and funny cards passed out...a few high spirited games of uno were played.
Tonight was a very wet night as someone was trying to use the warm water from the washing machine line to do some cleaning outside.
Hoses were run and not connected quite tightly enough...
The laundry room floor got a good cleaning...
and then again when the drain line wasn't hooked up properly for the first load of laundry...
but at least we could laugh about it as we were sopping up the water...
Hubby's birthday is tomorrow..I am afraid that there is only one sappy card to be read.
He wants something for his birthday that requires him to pick it out so a very boring gift card will be given...and I have been debating a singing chicken at his office...if only I could find one.
I hope that the full moon brought it's restorative powers to you all this weekend....I did go out last night and soak up some of it's rays and hoping for a quiet week at work..
sending hugs and lots of love on the back of the moon rays and star beams tonight..


  1. Good to hear from you Col, and I'm glad you had such a fun time away with the children. If you moved, would you be closer to them, or not? I pray that you can both make the right decision which will be good for both of you. Sometimes you just have to take that leap in the dark and, you never know, it might lead to wonderful things just around the corner. The super moon was quite stunning, and I hope that you also gained some of its restorative powers. Take care, and keep us posted on what you decide to do. Wishing hubby a very happy birthday for tomorrow. Hugs to you my friend.

  2. lots to celebrate wishing everyone a happy birthday and congrats on job well done

  3. Hi sweetie...so glad you enjoyed your weekend away with the family. Sounds like you and hubby have lots on the mind. I can say that I was adamant about not moving to Florida when Bruce moved, but making a quick last minute decision was the best thing I ever did. I love it here! These decisions do force you to go outside your comfort zone for sure. I'm sure the right decision will be made. Happy Birthday to hubby and lots of hugs and love to you!

  4. Always great to see a post from you girl. Happy you had such a good time away and tell your hubby that Odie waaaaayyyyyy down south said Happy Birthday.

  5. time spent with hubby is always special. And then to add family and babies and margaritas, just sounds wonderful.
    I hope you and hubby can come to agreement with your plans. Change can be a scary thing but sometimes it makes for wonderful adventures