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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To one of the most incredible people...

The most important lesson in life was taught to me by someone who I haven't seen in years. He taught me, at a very young age, to dance when people are dancing, to run, to jump, to fly when you have the chance. Never be satisfied just watching when you can participate and always live in the moment. He knew how to make you feel like the only person in a room full of people and taught me that even a kid should be made to feel important. He's gone to the angels today and although I haven't seen in years, I thought about him every single day. At every dance, at every crossroads in my life I was able to look back on the lessons that he taught me and know that there was someone who would always be routing for me, no matter what. His cards and letters came at times in my life when I didn't think things could get better, but hearing from him always made me smile. He always signed them, thinking of you from afar and know that I am always waiting for the next dance. I know that he is watching over me with the others that have passed before him, but I will miss the letters and cards at exactly the right times. I love you and will miss you, but will always remember the lessons that you taught me.

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